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Targeted pilots and campaign analysis

Marketing campaigns are expensive - very expensive! Ensure that your strict budgets produce the desired results by setting up and monitoring carefully selected pilots. And let the facts and figures tell you the real story of the effectiveness of any pilot or full campaign by carrying out a comprehensive ik360 campaign analysis. Send for more details here.

Base your marketing plan on facts rather than assumptions

  • Where do your customers operate?
  • Where do they get their information from?
  • Which channels do they buy from?
  • Which customers give the best return?
  • Which customers offer the best future sales potential?
  • How satisfied are your customers, with you and with your competition?

Use web intelligence to optimise your marketing activities

Internet is now the most important means of communicating with the customer for companies and organisations across the whole spectrum of market sectors throughout the world. Web intelligence can help you maximise the effectiveness of your marketing activities. By integrating online and offline data, Ik360 can ensure that the Internet becomes a valuable part of your multi-channel strategy.  

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