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Customer insight, the key to effective customer management

In the highly competitive financial services and insurance market, customer data management is essential if providers are to keep ahead of the field. As the first Database Marketeer at Interpolis, Jan van Bommel defined and established a new marketing approach which has helped Interpolis to become the successful, customer-oriented organisation it is today.

Let the customer lead the way

Most financial institutions have a reasonably clear picture of their customers, and pay considerable attention to customer retention. And yet, even with the latest techniques, few organisations manage to meet their customers' expectations. At the Rabobank Jan van Bommel has successfully implemented an approach to CRM which facilitated a more meaningful and sales-effective dialogue between customer and advisor

How can Ik360 help you?

  • Customer segmentation based on customer values and willingness to buy, using credit scoring and regression
  • Implement successful marketing activities by setting up a campaign library for local affiliates
  • Know your customer and use CRM to create sales-effective dialogue

For further details on these and other Ik360 approaches to maximising the effectiveness of your marketing activities contact us.

The success of the Ik360 approach in financial institutions is based in part on a highly effective partnership with Paul Postma Marketing Consultancy.

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