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Today's consumer has access to a limitless number of options from which to choose. Competition is fierce and, more than ever before, the consumer is in charge.

Improved marketing processes at leading direct marketeer

Wehkamp is a highly successful direct marketing company. As campaign manager, Jan van Bommel identified and implemented important improvements to key marketing processes, ensuring this dynamic organisation is able to continue to lead the way in effective customer-oriented marketing.

Applying the marketing basics

In spite of all the buzz surrounding new media, most direct marketing principles are still as valid today as they have ever been. By knowing which customers recently made a purchase and to what extent they keep on doing so will help in targeting customers with high-impact messages.

How can ik360 help you?

  • Successful implementation of RFM* will provide insight into customer purchasing behaviour and help determine the right mix in a multi-channel approach to effective direct marketing
  • Category management can support your campaigns by recording which products led a customer to the store and what he spends the most money on
  • A campaign management system can help create more effective marketing statements through targeted testing on specific groups

*RFM: Recency - When was the last order?
Frequency - How many orders has a customer placed with us?
Monetary Value- What is the value of the orders?

The successful ik360 programmes for tackling the challenges of consumer demands and expectations are based on experience within the Wehkamp team and the approach to retail management by Prof. Rob van der Kind.

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